Trapped In Your Timeshare? Vacation Exits can help you escape your monthly timeshare obligations. Our timeshare cancellations are 100% money back guaranteed. We have helped thousands of clients in the US in the last 10 years.

Your timeshare cancellation adviser will assess your specific contract and will advise you as to what your legal options are. The entire process takes less less than two hours, from beginning to end, and will help shed light on legal issues you may have zero background in.

Our process is simple. Schedule a time to have a face-to-face consultation with one of our experienced timeshare cancellation advisers. Work directly with a dedicated timeshare cancellation manager throughout the entire timeshare cancellation process.

Lastly, the timeshare cancellation is official. Once carried out in full, you will receive written confirmation that you are free and clear of all ownership duties and financial and contractual obligations from the timeshare.

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We are professionally recognized in the industry as the “go-to” people if you want to legally cancel your contract and any obligated debt to your timeshare resort, travel, and vacation clubs. We are frequently contacted by real estate executives, financial advisers, and most importantly, consumers just like you who are seeking advice, knowledge, and expertise from the professionals in the timeshare cancellation industry.

Whether you signed your contract more than ten years ago, a year ago, last week or even yesterday, there’s no scenario that’s beyond our expertise. Our professional services are backed by years of experience and, in some cases, we can even successfully get partial or full refunds for you. So even if you’re unsure whether you were a victim of fraud or misrepresentation, give us a call!

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Mortgage Cancellation

Techniques pioneered by the timeshare consumer advocates from JR and their affiliate attorneys in recent years have resulted in timeshare companies becoming more agreeable to releasing timeshare owners from their timeshare obligation.

Because of the deceptive and fraudulent conduct almost always utilized by timeshare salespeople for the purpose of inducing unwitting potential owners to sign on the dotted line. As a result of these actions, JR and its affiliate law team have had unparalleled success in terminating timeshare contracts and their ongoing financial obligations.

Did your Timeshare Salesperson:


  • Present the membership offer to you for more than 90 minutes?
  • Invite you to a free gift, trip, meal or event, which turned into a sales pitch?
  • Tell you that the timeshare would go up in value over time?
  • Claim that you could sell and/or rent your timeshare whenever you wish?
  • Promise that they would buy it back from you if desired?


This is where Vacation Exits Now comes to the rescue! These are unethical tactics and are considered coercive. Some of them are even fraudulent. If you were subjected to such treatment, your timeshare company can be held legally accountable.

Timeshare resort companies cannot legally use high-pressure tactics to force you to buy a timeshare membership. Many timeshare companies use lies, intimidation and fraudulent claims, which is illegal. US Vacation Exits Now demands that they cancel your timeshare contract, permanently.

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